Rainbow after the storm: fundraising to cover flood damage

It has been a month since a storm caused extensive property damage to several homes in Dickson City.

DICKSON CITY, Pa. – These are the two drawings that are helping Dickson City’s neighbors get back on their feet.

They were drawn by the children of Devon Demkovich-O’Donnell, who lost everything in the basement of their house a month ago when their street was flooded.

“I want my kids to not be afraid of the rain or think about what they’ve lost. I want my kids to remember that they helped people through this ordeal. I want it to be. remembrance, ”said Demkovich-O’Donnell.

His 7-year-old daughter drew a rainbow and his 8-year-old son drew the tricycle he rides in his neighborhood with the phrase “path to healing” underneath.

We Talk Shirty, a local custom-designed clothing store, turned those images into t-shirts – which Demkovich-O’Donnell sells to help cover the costs of damage to his home and 30 other people in his community.

“After any storm there is always a rainbow. And we have to get up and try to rebuild. And I want to do it in a positive and joyful way,” she said.

That’s because this time a month ago was anything but gay for the people who live near Dundaff Street.

Demkovich-O’Donnell and her family already have $ 6,000 in the hole, but if she wanted to raise money, she wanted to make sure her efforts were helping others.

“They are overwhelmed with all the financial responsibilities. Many of them have lost washers, dryers, ovens; there is a neighbor who doesn’t even have a washer and dryer yet. The other neighbors are helping to dry off. and wash their clothes. “

Demkovich-O’Donnell is hoping these rainbow t-shirts help shed some sunshine in his neighborhood. The deadline to order one is at the end of the month. You can order one here.

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