November 25, 2022

Recognized Authors of Faculty Books – Office of the Executive Vice-President and Rector

Professors at UT Austin spend years developing research and fellowships for their published work. This work represents important contributions to their fields and to society at large, while strengthening the reputation of the university as a world-class institution.

The President’s Office created the Faculty’s Author Recognition Program to celebrate faculty members who published books in the previous calendar year. In 2020, professors from 9 colleges and 28 departments participated, representing 46 books.

“We are extremely proud of the professors for their persistence over the past year and want to make sure that the books published in 2020 do not go unnoticed,” said Tasha Beretvas, Senior Vice-President, Faculty Affairs. “Thousands of hours are spent in making a book, from creation to completion, and professors deserve to be celebrated for their hard work.”

In previous years, the Faculty Authors’ Recognition was organized as a reception for the faculty. Instead of an in-person event, faculty authors will be featured throughout the year on social media and featured in the main building. In order to participate in the 2022 annual reception, faculty members will be notified during the fall semester to submit their publications.

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