Site Announcement: New Milwaukee Bucks (Dogs?) Shirt Available at BreakingT

We dogs. That’s all we’re talking about.

The Milwaukee Bucks have a 3-0 lead in their first-round playoff series, and forward PJ Tucker shared his thoughts on that last night.

Much like exorcising demons from past playoffs, Tucker’s monologue after the relentless Miami Heat explosion last night is worth remembering. And while we may not be able to remove PJ’s shirt from post-match availability (seriously, yell at PJ for the bravado of fashion), we can remove this new shirt made available for the Brew Hoop collection by BreakingT:

“We dogs.” It’s so concise, so succinct, and absolutely captures the essence of what the Bucks are doing differently this time around, especially in defense. Milwaukee chases bounces like Frisbees thrown in a park, and tackles loose balls like … well, like loose balls. The dog analogy is not difficult to set up here.

We want the Bucks to keep that same energy throughout Saturday’s fourth game against the Heat and, if they do, we’ll all be snacking to make it happen. Brooklyn our next opponent in the playoffs. So unleash your inner dog (what breed, you ask? Your choice!) And grab one of these shirts to continue this moment.

Disclaimer: So yes, Brew Hoop gets a small share of the profit from these shirts, so it behooves us to try and sell them. But they are cool! And they’re helping us keep some of the hot content we’re channeling this year. Plus, we value unique t-shirts as much as the following person. BreakingT makes shirts of the moment, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a shirt idea that you think would resonate with Bucks fans.

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