November 25, 2022

The best bookstores in the world

There are really extraordinary bookstores in the world, and today we are going to discuss six of them. From some of the world’s most famous bookstores to ones that have almost as many pets as books, here are some of the amazing bookstores that every bookworm should add to their to-do list!

1. Acqua Alta, Venice

In Acqua Alta, Venice, books are displayed using gondolas, canoes and rowboats, rather than on traditional bookshelves. To go up to the second level of this bookstore, you can climb the stairs built from stacks of carpeted books. When you get to the top, you’ll find even more books waiting, as well as stunning views of Venice’s canal system.

Acqua Alta’s books are stacked from floor to ceiling, so you won’t be surprised to find all sorts of titles here. The books are a mix of new and used, so each visit is sure to bring something different.

2. Dujiangyan Zhongshuge, Sichuan

This library It may sound like something out of your dreams, but you can visit it in southwest China. There are around 80,000 books for sale at Dujiangyan Zhongshuge, so be sure to set aside enough time if you want to visit this shop!

The store’s unique design is inspired by the centuries-old, UNESCO-listed local irrigation system. You won’t find many straight lines in this boutique’s stunning design – shelves curve around the huge space while other books are positioned in columns reaching up to the mirrored ceiling.

Curved stairs allow you to navigate through the different levels of the bookstore and explore the thousands of titles on offer.

3. Wild Rumpus, Minneapolis

If you’re both a bookworm and an animal lover, you’ll definitely love visiting Wild Rumpus, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The shop is home to two pet rats, which live underground, but in a glass cage for visitors to see. Cat lovers will be delighted to know that there are also three cats roaming among the books. However, Wild Rumpus is also home to more unusual pets including a lizard, tarantula, ferrets, chinchillas, and various birds including cockatiels and even chickens.

It’s not all about pets, however; the shop is also the ideal place to buy children’s books. You’ll find titles for all ages as well as graphic novels, young adult fiction and nonfiction, and adult titles. The whole family can find something to read here!

4. Queen Books, Toronto

Although Queen Books may not be the most famous bookstore in the world, it deserves a mention for its fantastic range of services. In particular, the book subscription service in which you will receive a book each month, handpicked according to your interests. This service is available to everyone and the book will be delivered to your door every month for six or 12 months.

Queen Books also offers a gift wrapping service, making it the perfect place to shop for your loved ones. Inside the store, you’ll find an impressive selection of the latest titles, beautifully displayed throughout the store. What perhaps sets the store apart is the beautiful sign that shows people of all ages and colors reading.

5. Shakespeare and Company, Paris

Perhaps one of the best-known bookstores on our list is Shakespeare and Company, located on the banks of the Seine near Notre-Dame de Paris. Not only does the traditional English bookshop offer incredible titles, but it also hosts exceptional events.

The shop is filled with books from floor to ceiling, and where there is free space you will find notes pinned to the walls. There’s also a piano and children’s area at Shakespeare and Company, as well as a cafe to relax with a coffee once you’ve found the book you’ve been looking for.

6. Strand, New York

Here is another famous bookstore, and a must visit if you are in New York. Like Shakespeare and Company, Strand hosts unique events, ranging from book signings to live podcast recordings.

Strand has perhaps the biggest and best inventory of any bookstore – it claims to have 18 miles of books! You’ll find titles old and new, as well as rare books and everything in between.

Another popular service offered by Strand is that of “foot books”. If you order this service, Strand staff members will organize a unique collection for you to display in your home or business – think of the stacks of perfectly color-coordinated books you might find in a coffee shop. You can even choose a specific shade, and the team will curate a collection of books for you that match your color palette.