This invisible underwear is perfect for summer dresses

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underwear in C, like this $ 11 kitten version from Amazon, is basically an adhesive strapless panty that stays put no matter what you wear, much like pies. This particular style features a classic bikini cover on the front with a thin stripe that connects to a kitten figure that you will stick just above your butt. The fabric part is cotton and nylon, while the adhesive is 100% silicone.

C-thongs have been a topic of conversation on TikTok for people who want to know what to wear under their new cutout dresses, especially if they expose skin where underwear is typically found. After a user rings on a video to share the Htruiya C-String Underwear, people flooded the comments section wondering where these underwear has been from the start. “I learned a valuable lesson today,” wrote one.

On Amazon, buyers have already shared their experience with the naughty panties. “It did the job that needed to be done. I had a completely transparent dress on one side, exposing under my arm to the floor. It stayed in place without a problem,” one said. .

“Comfortable and stays on if you don’t apply it too hard. It works best with clean, lotion-free skin,” wrote another. For a seamless experience (pun intended), the brand suggests avoiding lotions, powders, perfumes and other skin care products around this area before application.

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