December 5, 2023

Three teachers-turned-bestselling children’s book authors team up to help others get published too

Weber is the author of the Level 3 Step-Into-Reading Book for Disney’s Encanto

Plumeri with his daughter and his latest release: The Perfect Lullaby

Tornetto with his latest release: Gardens Are For Growing

Certified Educators Start a Company to Simplify the Publishing Process

GURNEE, Illinois, USA, April 28, 2022 / — Local author Vicky Weber has always wanted to write children’s books but thought that dream was unrealistic. One day, she decided to dive headfirst into the industry to see what was going on. What she found through her research was a lot of overwhelming and conflicting information…and none of it could be easily found in one place.

“It was like trying to piece together a puzzle without knowing what the picture looked like. It was overwhelming at times, but I was determined to achieve my dream,” says Weber. Indeed, Weber became a bestselling author in the 9 months after publication and was later released by Disney.

In a conversation with fellow teacher and award-winning author Brittany Plumeri, Weber realized she wasn’t the only one feeling paralyzed with fear and overwhelmed with information early in the publishing process. Plumeri had felt that too, as had countless other members of the authoring community.

“As Certified Educators, we wanted to help. We wanted to do what we do best: teach! says Weber. So in January 2021, Weber, Plumeri, and Scholastic author and teacher Chelsea Tornetto created author at home: a coaching and consulting firm specializing in children’s books to help current and aspiring authors navigate the world of publishing and succeed.

Plumeri says, “I wanted to provide a safe place that the author community lacked. A solution that others could trust and know that in the end they would walk away with exactly what they needed – no loopholes or smokescreens. Just facts and support.

With Weber as a self-publishing expert, Plumeri as a design and social media marketing strategist, and Tornetto as a traditional publishing specialist, the company has already helped hundreds of people write, publish and market their children’s books – and make them stand out from the crowd.

If you need help publishing your book, visit their website to get in touch with an expert.

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