TikToker says she was falsely accused of stealing from thrift store

A woman on TikTok says she was falsely accused of stealing from Anastasia’s Vintage thrift store in Berkeley, California. The charge came after a store employee told her to try on clothes in the back of the store because there were no changing rooms. It’s unclear if he told her she wasn’t supposed to be in that area.

The woman, Phae or @playaphaeya on TikTok, uploaded the video last week and it has since garnered 428,000 views. She went to the back because she didn’t want to buy the shirts without trying them on first as they weren’t refundable.

But as she prepared to try on the shirts in the back of the store, someone who appeared to be an employee confronted her, saying it was the second time he had found her there. He took the merchandise and asked her to leave.

Phae was shocked because it was the first time she had seen the man and was going to the store. She was also confused because she was doing what another employee told her to do.

“Dude, I just talked to people, and they said – you don’t know me,” Phae said, walking back to the counter with the man following her. When she found the other employee, she said, “Excuse me, your person is trying to kick me out of the store. ”

Another offscreen voice admitted telling Phae she could try on the shirt on the back, and the accusing man replied, “Okay, that’s not a customer area. Don’t go back.

Phae called the man for saying he had found her in there twice, even though it was his first time at the store. Without apologizing, the men just repeated that she couldn’t go back.

Phae’s onscreen TikTok caption read, “Broooo, a guy tried to accuse me of theft, and this is my first time at the store.”

Although the man cannot be heard in the video explicitly accusing Phae of theft, he tried to chase her away and took the items that interested him. In the middle of the heated exchange, Phae stormed out, accidentally taking a pair of socks with her.

Phae posted a second TikTok that showed her walking into the store “because it was out of her pocket like crap” and she shouldn’t have been treated like that.

“I have to talk to someone’s manager because it’s unacceptable,” Phae said. “This man accused me of fucking theft when I was told to go and hide in the back and change and see if the shit was okay.”

Phae then pointed out how ridiculous it was that she was accused of stealing from the back of the store.

The next clip in the video footage showed Phae outside the store with the man who initially told him to try on the clothes behind his back.

“I wasn’t supposed to do this. I wanted you to be quiet about this, ”the man said. “You haven’t been quiet enough apparently.

Phae tried to defend herself, saying it wasn’t her fault that he broke the rules for her. She said she was a customer who shouldn’t have been blamed for her mistake. The two continued to talk to each other, trying to get their points across, with the man saying no one was accusing Phae of anything. Phae said she shouldn’t have been treated like this.

The man continued to deny that the situation was his fault. He also mentioned that he had 8 hours a day and had to deal with a lot of clients.

When Phae asked when her manager would be there so she could talk to them, the man told her, “She won’t be here. And I’m not going to make him take care of this. So you can get into your car and go about your business.

Phae said she would come back every day until the manager came to talk to her “because that’s not how you treat people.” The man kept telling him to get on with his day.

“Nobody mistreated you,” he said. “I broke the rules for you, and you screwed it up. You weren’t quiet enough.

Then he told her that if she “started the shit” he could lose his job.

A third TikTok showed the man near Phae, trying to point her towards his car. When that didn’t work, he stood by his car and said, “Get in your car and get the hell out of here.”

Clearly upset, Phae said, “This is how they treat customers here.” And the man replied, “Apparently yes.”

Then the man made another rant telling Phae to stop crying.

“This is fucking crazy,” Phae said, finally opening his car door. “And I’ll be back here with someone because it’s fucking bullshit.” And I have this shit all recorded.

Phae did not respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok, and Anastasia did not respond to an email request for comment.

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* First published: October 17, 2021, 2:42 p.m. CDT

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