Top 10 best-selling EURO 2020 jerseys revealed

An inevitable side event of every international tournament is which team has the best kit – and this summer’s European Championships are certainly no different.

While the subject is inherently divisive and open to individual interpretation, we have tried to get to the bottom of it by finding something quantifiable.

The list below is based on the largest number of sales of shirts on Kitbag sports retail site.

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1. England

England Home Stadium Shirt 2020-22

It’s no surprise, of course, to see the England shirt at the top of the list – and with over 60% of EURO shirt sales on Kitbag, that’s by far too.

The classic, sleek Three Lions kit has received a lot of praise, but sales will inevitably come from loyalty to the team as much as design.

The supply for the England shirt is said to be running out – and demand is only expected to increase the longer Gareth Southgate’s side remain in the tournament.

2. Italy

Italy Home Shirt 2019-21

Elsewhere, Italy – which impressed many with its early performances in the competition – comes in second. Their shirts represent a 7% share.

3. France

France Stadium Home Shirt 2020-21

France, favorite of bookmakers, comes in 3rd position with 5.99% market share. Whoever beats Didier Deschamps’ team will surely imagine themselves against all that the tournament has to offer.

4. Germany

Germany Home Shirt 2019-21

Germany hardly ever have a bad kit – and this effort is certainly no different. They have a 5.29% market share but could face an uphill battle to stay in the competition after losing to France on Matchday 1.

5. Portugal

Portugal Home Stadium Shirt 2020-21

Portugal won EURO 2016 despite winning only one of their matches in 90 minutes. Their home shirts are simplistic in design, although this is their shirt outside they wore in their most talked about opener against Hungary. Portugal’s shirt sales account for a share of 4.61%.

6. The Netherlands

Netherlands Home Stadium Shirt 2020-21

It doesn’t look like an international tournament without a sea of ​​orange after the Netherlands. Manager Frank De Boer will see that the tournament has a way to reestablish their position in the game – and while there may be question marks over their credentials as serious contenders, you can never blame the jersey that ‘they wear. Their sales represent a share of 2.93%.

7. Belgium

Belgium Home Shirt 2019-21

Belgium’s influence in the Premier League over the past decade is clear – and with a striker like Romelu Lukaku and a midfielder like Kevin De Bruyne, Roberto Martinez’s side are certainly capable of beating anyone. who that day.

Despite their distribution in much of the English league, the “brushstroke” design of their jersey, made by Adidas, represents a rather modest share of 1.49%.

8. Denmark

Denmark Home Shirt – 2020-22

It may be surprising to see Denmark ranking in this list above, for example Spain. But this effort from Hummel – the only jersey they’ve designed for EURO 2020 – is undeniably enjoyable. They represent a share of 1.46%.

9. Croatia

Croatia Home Match Shirt 2020-21

The nation watched England take on Croatia on Matchday 1, starting their campaign successfully with a Raheem Sterling goal to zero. , to wear their all black. The 1.11% share of sales they currently hold may well increase once it makes its first release.

10. Spain

Spain Home Shirt 2019-21

Seeing Spain’s ranking on this list is somewhat indicative of its current position among the traditional favorites in the competition.

Once back-to-back European Championship winners – with a World Cup stuck in their midst – Spain increasingly looks like a team in transition. As we have seen time and time again in football, anything can happen in tournament football.

Jersey sales in Spain represent 1.07% of all EURO 2020 sales.

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