Turkey Leg Hut responds to backlash over new dress code policy

“We are not a club. We are a family restaurant and we will continue to maintain our standards.”

HOUSTON – The Turkey Leg Hut is holding on after its recent dress code changes sparked strong but mixed reactions on social media.

Turkey Leg Hut, which is known nationally for its turkey thighs smothered in various dressings like crayfish macaroni, has become a staple in the Third Ward community. The restaurant has also built a reputation for its upbeat environment that features music, extravagant cocktails and desserts, and hookah.

In an Instagram Publish Turkey Leg Hut announced on Friday that its staff will begin enforcing the following dress rules:

  • No clothes that are too revealing; including worn or torn clothes that are revealing, and shorts should cover all of your bottom
  • No housekeeping. This includes wave caps, durags, house shoes or shower caps.
  • No exposed underwear, including sports bras, bras, panties or any other clothing resembling these items
  • No obscene language or loose clothing. No inappropriate graphics or language. No pants that are too loose and sagging.
  • No swimsuits of any kind are allowed.

In the caption, the message read:

Please be aware that we are a family owned restaurant serving all ages from children to adults daily and this dress code in place was necessary to ensure that all parties from our guests to our staff were dressed appropriately in our establishment.

“Unfortunately, due to the dress of some guests, we have been forced to implement this new policy as we remain committed to ensuring that all guests are comfortable when they visit us.

“We are not a club, we are a family restaurant and we will continue to maintain our standards by welcoming everyone to Turkey Leg Hut!

“We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to welcoming you! “

The restaurant’s post quickly went viral and was reposted on several other social media platforms. Many people praised the new policy, arguing it was necessary and applauding the restaurant for enforcing a standard.

A significant number of people disagreed that Turkey Leg Hut was a “family restaurant” and in fact promoted a club or lounge atmosphere mainly because of the smoke, the often explicit music and the lack of of children’s menu.

Some have also suggested that the new dress code discriminates against black customers at the restaurant.

Turkey Leg Hut owner Nakia Price released an official statement on Saturday:

“At Turkey Leg Hut, we do our best to accommodate all of our guests. It’s unfortunate that we even have to fix this or enforce a dress code, but we are a family run restaurant that serves all ages from kids to adults. Unfortunately, we have received complaints from our customers about the wardrobe choices of other customers. In order to try to make sure that all customers are comfortable when they visit us, we have been obliged to to put in place a new dress code policy.

“Our dress code policy is not intended to target or offend anyone, but rather to provide our customers with an acceptable dress code, so that all customers and staff feel comfortable in our establishment.

The Turkey Leg Hut has been and always will be an inclusive restaurant for all and we will continue to consider the contribution of all guests to provide a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for our community and our guests. “

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