Uncertainty hangs over women’s future in Afghanistan as Taliban keep tough

Sep 14, 2021 1:02 PM STI

Kabul [Afghanistan], September 14 (ANI): Uncertainty hung over the future of Afghan women, because despite the Taliban assuring that they would respect the rights and freedom of women, there have been several incidents of violence against them.
Additionally, the Taliban’s long history of violence and cruelty to women is testament to recent incidents of cruelty committed by the group which portray a messy future for women in Afghanistan, according to a press report.
Taliban pledged to respect women’s rights during press briefings in an attempt to gain legitimacy, but their words do not match their actions as recent Taliban incidents and announcements violate women’s freedom .
A day before seizing Kabul, the Taliban made a women’s rights announcement, advertisements and billboards in the city of Kabul depicting women wearing wedding dresses were taken down and painted after the entry of Taliban fighters into the city, The Times of Israel reported on Monday.
There have been various anti-women incidents in Afghanistan. Only some of them have appeared in public. Some incidents are described below:
Recently, visuals have emerged showing a man using a roller and white paint to cover these large images outside a building in Afghanistan.
Earlier in July, in a letter, the Taliban’s Cultural Commission ordered: “All imams and mullahs in captured areas should provide the Taliban with a list of girls over 15 and widows under 45 to marry to. Taliban fighters.
When the Taliban captured districts in Takhar province in July, they ordered women not to leave and established dowry regulations for the girls.
In a video clip that appeared on the internet, a woman suffered 40 lashes by the Taliban court in the Haftgola area near the Obe district of Herat province. The Taliban accused her of “immoral relations” while talking on the phone with a young man.
Such incidents indicate that the Taliban’s announcement for the respect of rights is not followed by their actions.
The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission in a report titled “Report on violence against women in Afghanistan recorded a total of 3477 cases of violence against women in the first ten months of 2020 The report included cases of murder, rape, kidnapping and suicide which amount to a total of 281. Of the 281 cases of violence against women, 167 of them are Murders These murder cases are mostly “honor killings”.
Most Afghan men believe that women are inferior to them and have no right to liberty. The war and militants’ attacks further fueled the blaze and sparked a wave of violence against women in Afghanistan. Now it has become an accepted way of life in the country.
However, the Taliban have a head start as they express the prevalent anti-women mentality and advocate harsh and extreme measures to limit the lives of women in Afghanistan.

The measuring factors behind the miserable situation of women in Afghanistan are illiteracy, a culture of impunity, the inability to deal decisively with the perpetrators, the perception that violence against women is “normal”, ignorance and a lower level of public consciousness, traditional patterns of marriage, corruption and abuse of state positions, limited access of women to justice, lack of security and the fragility of authority to deal with such crimes and violence, according to The Time of Israel.
The social structure of Afghanistan is completely ruined due to the chaos and war that has continued since the late 1970s. It was previously a multicultural region with a history of commerce and mixing of people from different tribes, races and ethnicities. However, the intervention of the Taliban has damaged the socio-cultural fabric. It has now become backward, patriarchal and essentially regressive.
In the name of faith, religious and sectarian differences, people have been repeatedly harassed and killed. Today, women lack the confidence and voice to participate in the political and economic life of Afghanistan, as social taming is deeply rooted in them.
In 2020, nearly 1,146 female victims (390 killed and 756 injured) were recorded, according to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).
UNAMA has also documented deliberate killings and acts of cruelty,
inhumane incidents or humiliating punishments inflicted on women by the Taliban.
The report included two of these examples.
In the first, accused of having an out-of-wedlock relationship, the Taliban killed a 28-year-old woman. She was shot dead in front of her three children in her home in northern Afghanistan.
In another incident, the head of the Taliban’s so-called vice and virtue department beat two women in their twenties with a cable in the marketplace as they walked outside without a male guardian. The incident occurred in a district of a northern province.
Such incidents show that gender-based violence against women in Afghanistan is a widespread reality under the Taliban.
Afghan women are surrounded by a multitude of daily threats which include beatings, insurgency, flogging, rape, honor killings, suicide and forced immolation, the giving of girls in marriage to resolve issues. disputes, forced prostitution and many others. Allied forces had made major changes in the framework of democratic government in Afghanistan. It understood the area of ​​women’s rights.
Over the past 20 years, an entire generation of women had access to education, had jobs, could interact freely with members of the opposite sex, and could be socially, politically and economically independent. But that has all changed now, The Times of Israel said.
The recent incidents of Taliban anti-women activities and their long history of violence and cruel acts against women likely show a grim and gruesome future for women in Afghanistan. (ANI)

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