Viral TikTok Exposes ‘Under-Breast Hack’ To Get Free Disney World T-Shirt

May 21, 2021, 5:48 PM

“I just got a $ 75 t-shirt just because I was wearing a shirt that exposed my chest a bit.”

A viral TikTok apparently exposed a Disney World “hack” after a TikToker said she was given a free shirt because she entered the park with an “underbust” appearance.

TikTok user @amandaaadimeo, real name Amanda DiMeo, recently shared a video of herself at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, explaining that she received a ticket to get a new shirt because the one she was wearing didn’t quite follow the dress code. .

In case you didn’t know, Disney Parks have a dress code – even for guests. Disney World guidelines state that guests may be refused admission or be removed for wearing clothing that “exposes excessive parts of the skin that may be considered inappropriate for a home environment.”

In a previous TikTok, DiMeo shares the outfit she wore that day, which includes white shorts and a red bodysuit with a circular cutout below the bust all the way to the belly button.

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Viral TikTok reveals 'free t-shirt hack' at Disney World

Viral TikTok reveals a “ free t-shirt hack ” at Disney World.

@amandaaadimeo via TikTok, Jacqueline Nell / Disneyland Resort via Getty Images

In the viral TikTok, DiMeo says, “OK guys, Disney’s new hack. If you are wearing a shirt that shows a little below the chest, they will write you a ticket when you first enter Magic Kingdom [in Disney World, Orlando]. ”

“I’m not sure about the other parks, but they will write you a ticket so you can get a free shirt at the nearest gift shop.” I just got a $ 75 t-shirt just because I was wearing a shirt that exposed my chest a bit. So here is. If you want free Disney shirts, this is the thing. “

The DiMeo video then shows her wearing a pink Disney Spirit long-sleeved jersey, which costs around $ 70. The video then says, “OK, but that’s so cute. And if it’s free, it’s for me. Thanks, Disney. ”

The TikTok, which has been shared with over 780,000 subscribers, has been viewed nearly 19 million times, with over 4 million likes.

DiMeo also spoke with the Daily point about her viral TikTok, saying she was unaware of the park’s policy of providing free clothing to guests who do not adhere to the required dress code, but thinks they are “doing a great job” . DiMeo also told Daily Dot that there was a $ 50 limit on the ticket she received, but her $ 75 shirt was approved by a gift shop manager.

Disney employees and others in the comments section of DiMeo’s video also urged others to do not to go to the parks and do it on purpose or enjoy it.

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