November 25, 2022

Viroqua Library, after-sales service partner of the Boba Book Clubs

McIntosh Memorial Library and Viroqua Middle/High School Library have partnered to connect middle school students with adult community leaders through books.

The collaborative project is called “Boba Book Clubs”. Boba Book Clubs is an updated version of the award-winning “Journal Buddies” library program. The concept of Journal Buddies was to bring together sixth grade students from public, private and home schools to read a book of their choice with an adult community leader for a month.

“When Journal Buddies was put on hiatus due to the pandemic, it became a great time to talk with teachers, students, and adult participants about the future of the program. Teachers were very interested in incorporating a Battle of the Books component into the curriculum,” said Laci Sheldon, Director of Youth Services.

Battle of the Books is a program that invites students in grades six through eight to read a book and take a computerized comprehension quiz. Students can even qualify for the statewide Battle of the Books program competition.

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Sheldon said: “Students reported wanting to join a book club but had benefits along the way. The adult volunteers indicated that they wanted to meet the students in person to discuss the books. As a result, the Boba Book Clubs were formed. The updated curriculum will be offered to all students in grades five through eight in the Viroqua Area School District. The program will run from September through May, with statewide Battle of the Books qualifying tournaments beginning in March. Once a month, schools in the Viroqua area will host a breakfast and the McIntosh Memorial Library will host a boba tea so that all participating students and adult volunteers have the opportunity to meet and talk about the books they read together.

Students in grades 5 through 8 from Viroqua-area schools who are interested in participating can contact middle/high school librarian Gidget Moore at 608-637-1638. Those interested in being an adult volunteer or a non-public school student wishing to participate can call Sheldon at the McIntosh Memorial Library at 608-637-7151 ext. 5.

More information can be found under the Boba Book Clubs tab online at