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Community members were interested in Darlene t-shirts and Mueller said she quickly found herself getting a bunch of order requests. Lindhorst, who manufactures the T-shirts, took care of the ordering process.

“Renee said they were going to have memorials at Sammy’s house and that was so Darlene. That’s exactly what she would do,” said Nahorny, who founded the organization in 2012 following the diagnosis of cancer of her son, Sammy. Sammy’s Superheroes helps fund childhood cancer research.

“She was always the first to volunteer, to help, to donate.”

As of Friday morning, Lindhorst said, 72 T-shirts had been sold. T-shirts can be ordered from

The last Taco Run of the year at Parkway Plaza, which will take place on September 30, will be dedicated to Darlene’s memory. The kwElite office is located on Parkway Plaza and Mueller owns the building. During events, attendees have the chance to take advantage of the walking trails near the plaza and may receive a free homemade taco.

“We’re going to try really hard to have shirts ready to be picked up that night as well,” Lindhorst said.

Darlene’s husband Tom said he thanked the Columbus community for supporting Sammy’s in honor of Darlene’s memory. He also thanked Lindhorst for printing the T-shirts, Mueller for coordinating efforts and the kwElite team and Sammy’s families, friends and neighbors for their love and support.

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