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That night, as people gathered at the crime scene, Blanchie’s mother attempted to run into traffic on Broadway, she said.

Her older sister arrested their mother, who fell to the ground, saying she could no longer live. “They took my baby,” she shouted.

Blanchie, who was 19 at the time, said his mother had built a shrine for her late son in a corner of their house.

“She had all of her things displayed,” she said. “That’s when I got to know my mother – she was not well.”

Blanchie, now a mother herself, remembers coming out of her bedroom some nights to find her mother crying on the floor and begging to come back with her brother. She would ask her mother: “What about us?” We need you, ”she said.

“She said to me, ‘Bleached, you will never understand my pain until you have children.’ And when I had my first daughter, I understood. I understood, “she said. “Death alone. I couldn’t imagine any of my daughters not being there. But for them to be taken? I couldn’t imagine.”

Blanchie and her younger brother were home three years later when their mother died of a massive heart attack, she said.

Blanchie’s father lost a brother, Amoe McQuay, in a homicide before Andrew was killed. In 2009, Blanchie’s older brother on his father’s side, Cody Hunt, was also shot dead.

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