Will fashion ever quit skinny jeans in 2010?

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Once upon a time, my go-to denim bottoms were denim skinny jeans. But these days, personally, I’d rather walk around without pants than rocking a pair of tight joints.

Yes, I am a firm believer in “every man for himself” what can I say, this is just not my cup of tea. There is no reason for me to switch from skinny jeans to wide, baggy jeans, other than that I felt like it was time to leave them behind and wear some new pants, a pair that was a little less tight.

A few years later, I made the switch and can now confirm that I own four different pairs of Levi’s wide leg jeans. And I never looked back.

All you have to do is google skinny jeans and you will get tons of items heralding the end of the skinny jeans era: skinny jeans are dead.

But are they? Can they really die? More at the Fashion company, they took a deep dive into the skinny jeans realm, stating that the last ten years have undoubtedly been synonymous with skinny pants, in the same way the ’70s were all about rockets and the’ 80s brought cool as damn acid wash denim.

They also state that it is evident that the TikTok generation brought back their wide legs from the ’90s subculture. Even looking at what is going on in stores, it’s clear as day. If you want to buy skinny jeans, let alone low rise, you are going to have to sort through high waisted wide leg jeans first to find what you are looking for.

According to Fashion company, the fashion world has been calling for the demise of skinny for the past five years, but the prediction never really came true. While brands may phase out the production of skinny jeans, that doesn’t mean the style won’t continue to have a loyal cult following.

Maybe low rise skinny jeans will one day be sorted out in the vintage world? Who knows. To learn more about this topic, follow the Fashion & Beauty Observer.

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