Witty t-shirts perfect for World Animal Day

We’ve found some fun t-shirts that are perfect for you or as a gift. Sense of humor required

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People with cats, dogs or people who appreciate large and small animals unite. Today is World Animal Day.

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We thought we were going to have some fun and found some of the most witty animal inspired t shirts around. We have probably spent too much time in the depths of the internet, but it was well worth it. Here are our eight favorite animal shirts that aren’t afraid of a pun.

How to pick up chicks

(See photo above)

Zero fox given:

When you want to show off but still have manners.

Potty-mouth without being rude.
Potty-mouth without being rude. Photo by Amazon

The dog father

For the daddy whose only crime is looking after the pet.

For all the
For all the “good” dog dads out there. Photo by Amazon

Chic chick

For all our female friends.

When a t-shirt says it all.
When a t-shirt says it all. Photo by Amazon
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My puns are koala tea

Photo by Amazon
Photo by Amazon

We like too

Attempted murder

Humor without crime.

Attempted murder
Attempted murder Photo by Amazon

beaver dam

$ # $ # good fun.

Dam t-shirt
Dam t-shirt Photo by Amazon

Mom bear

Do you know a mother who protects her young? This t-shirt is for her.

Mom bear
Mom bear Photo by Amazon

Sure, World Animal Day is a much more serious matter. October 4 is the birthday of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. World Animal Day is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare celebrated annually to raise awareness of animal welfare and conservation around the world. Closer to home, animal rights advocates suggest adopting rather than buying pets (adopting not buying) and making sure you get spayed or neutered.

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