Woman to run 285 miles in wedding dress to raise awareness about narcissistic domestic violence

A woman runs 285 miles across New York City in a wedding dress to raise awareness about narcissistic domestic violence.

Vanessa Reiser has personal experience with this specific form of abuse after being engaged to “a diagnosed narcissistic sociopath” with a history of abuse from previous partners.

The Clinical Therapist will run nearly a marathon each day for 12 days as part of a campaign to raise $ 200,000 (£ 144,000) to fund victim recovery services.

“Narcissistic abuse is an insidious form of domestic violence,” Ms. Reiser said People (the TV show!).

“Narcissists will generally use marriage or engagement as a form of control and manipulation. They entangle you. And so, [the dress] is a representation of how they do this.

Ms Reiser also spoke about her own experience of abuse with her ex-partner. “He left me in Cape Cod and I had to rent a car to get home,” she said.

“He locked me out of the house. Months later I left him and he spat on me, called me a bunch of really horrible names, told me my deceased dad was a loser – my dad died when I was 18 years – and then he laundered all my clothes.

She added that he even tried to get her fired from her post on the board of directors of a domestic violence center, claiming that she was mistreating him.

“There was a lot of pain,” she says. “I had to stay with my mother for three months. It was really horrible.

Ms. Reiser will take on the challenge on May 17 and plans to finish in Manhattan on May 29.

She had a message for those who could tell her story: “I believe you. We believe you. Be careful. Try to find courage, clarity and confidence, ”she says.

“One of the things a narcissist fears is power,” she added. “So look for that power and if you’re struggling to find it, explore your passions, find out what you do, what you love and go for it.”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a narcissist as “having or showing excessive interest in or admiration for oneself and one’s physical appearance”. Narcissistic domestic violence is another form of emotional and psychological violence characterized by coercive control.

In March, the domestic violence support charity Refuge revealed that calls to their helpline increased by 61% over the past year due to foreclosure conditions.

Lisa King, Refuge’s director of communications and outreach, said, “For women and children who experience domestic violence, home is not a safe place. Containment measures, where women are more than ever isolated and confined with their perpetrators, have worsened their exposure to violence and abuse. “

Anyone who needs help or assistance can contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline, open 24/7, 365 days a year on 0808 2000247 or through their website https://www.nationaldahelpline.org.uk/

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