October 6, 2022

Women’s panel calls for action against authors of nursing books for ‘glorifying the dowry system’

Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chairperson Swati Maliwal wrote a letter to Union Education Minister Dhramendra Pradhan on Tuesday about a misogynistic passage found in a sociology textbook of medical care.

A passage found in a sociology of nursing textbook has gone viral recently, talking about the merits and demerits of dowry and enlisting attractive dowry as a merit that has helped marry off ugly girls.


DCW, becoming aware of media reports on the matter, wrote a letter expressing disappointment and demanding strict action against the author for glorifying the dowry system.

In addition, the DCW President has called for criminal charges against relevant officials involved in approving the textbook for nursing students and also gave detailed recommendations to the Minister of Education to make the curriculum “gender inclusive.” ” and “gender sensitive”.

In her letter, the DCW President also stressed that the incident was not isolated and pointed to the misogynistic passage recently given by the CBSE during the Class X board review. The letter also continued to express serious concern. concern about the effects of such passages glorifying dowry in books on the minds of young students.


Demanding strict action against the author of the passage, DCW also expressed dismay that, even to this day, the use of masculine pronouns in textbooks and questions in multiple areas has been the norm.

The DCW recommendations called on the Indian government to set up a national task force with a specific mandate to come up with sector and domain specific interventions to achieve the goal of making all curricula inclusive and gender sensitive.

DCW leader Swati Maliwal, disheartened by the question, said: “I was shocked to read the passage on dowry merits listing attractive dowry as a merit that helps marry ugly girls. It is sad that even in India today, such backward beliefs glorifying the evil of dowry are taught in textbooks.

Dowry has and continues to destroy many lives across the country and accountability must be established. I have written a letter to the Union Minister of Education expressing my concern and requesting immediate action against the author.”

“It is high time that the education program of the country is made more gender-sensitive and inclusive. Thus, we have made some recommendations to the Ministry of Education and offered our full support to achieve the above goal,” said she added.

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