Would you rent your wedding dress? 40 percent of brides would be

Your big day can be one of the costliest events you’ve ever had in your life, especially with UK couples spending an average of £ 27,000 on their nuptials.

This has prompted a new wave of savvy brides on a budget to turn to renting their wedding dresses instead of shell out for a dress they’ll only wear once.

“It’s crazy how the cost of weddings has skyrocketed over the past decade, but there are plenty of ways to save money and stay on a smaller budget,” said the spokesperson for BusinessWaste.co.uk, Mark Hall, who commissioned the survey.

“Renting a wedding dress is a great way to still look the part but save some precious pennies which could be much better spent in future married life!”

Great deals for wedding dresses

Currently, the average British bride will spend around £ 1,300 on her wedding dress, which is probably the most expensive piece of clothing most brides will buy in their lifetime.

Hall: “The expectation of couples to throw a lavish event for their friends and family really made them spend more to delight and excite the guests.

“Years ago it was a little cheap in the local social club, but now couples are spending a small fortune on places and dresses to compete with what they see on social media and in magazines. “

However, nearly half of the brides surveyed said they would be open to renting a dress instead of buying it directly, giving reasons such as not wanting to spend too much on an outfit they would only wear once and preferring to save money for more long term goals such as travel or a house deposit.

There is also the fact that wedding dresses take up a lot of space in the wardrobe!

Sarah from Doncaster is getting married next year and says she’s happy to rent her dress so that she and her partner can spend more on their honeymoon – “I’d rather we had memories just for the two of us rather than to be selfish with the money and spend it on my dress for the day.

“Also, we’re trying to save for a mortgage, so financially it really doesn’t make sense to me.

Miriam is currently on the hunt for the dress of her dreams to rent, “I just think you have more choices, rather than what’s on trend right now, so I can get something really unique that will suit her. my personality.”

“Plus, I don’t have to worry about having it professionally cleaned afterwards or knowing where to store it – I can just return it!” “

Save the planet – one dress at a time

Clothing rental is not a new concept, with many online platforms being created so that you can rent an outfit for any occasion with ease. After all, most newlyweds and groomsmen regularly rent their jackets.

Besides being easy on the bank balance, clothing rental also has the added benefit of being much more durable and ensuring that less clothing ends up in landfills.

Instead of buying a new item that used new raw materials and consumed energy to produce and ship to you, environmentally conscious buyers and brides-to-be want to make the most of existing clothing to combat the fast mode.

With 2 million tonnes of textiles thrown away every year in Europe, it’s no wonder that there has been a huge increase in the number of people seeking to reuse as much clothing as possible to prevent items in perfect condition from being damaged. unnecessarily thrown away.

But can renting a wedding dress really have a big impact on reducing waste and being better for the environment?

The used wedding dresses website Still White thinks so, especially since they have resold over 20,000 dresses, saving over 200,000 kg of carbon emissions and 180 million liters of carbon. water used in the production of new clothes.

And even the Prime Minister’s new wife, Carrie Symonds, is getting into the act, with reports she recently hired her dress for their low-key wedding this year.

Hall: “Renting your wedding dress can not only save you money, but it can also free you up more time to enjoy planning your wedding and enjoying your big day, while being sustainable and. helping to reduce waste at the same time.

“It’s really a win-win, so why not rent your dress and do your part of the planet – one giant white dress at a time?” “

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