Yes, Nicholas Braun is aware of the sex toy “Greg the Egg”

“Oh my god, I wish I didn’t know about this.” Sorry for this man, this man being Nicolas braun, who Vanity Show just had to ask about the curious press release that landed in inboxes Thursday afternoon, like Succession The press rained ahead of the show’s third season premiere on Sunday.

In a public relations piggyback trick, CamSoda, a live streaming platform that has previously marketed sex toys that please users according to the rise and fall of their bitcoin stock, introduced Greg the Egg. The adult toy connects to content a user streams through BlueTooth, and every time Cousin Greg enters the chat, well, let’s go.

And we quote:

The love and admiration for Cousin Greg came to a head. He’s everyone’s favorite character on Succession. Since he became so popular he has become an internet-fueled sex symbol. Even Tom knows it. He said you can’t have a Tomelet without Greggs. At CamSoda, we wanted to give people an outlet for Cousin Greg to orgasm while he honors them with his presence every Sunday night this fall. So we developed ‘Greg the Egg – cast’ to do just that, turn Succession into Sexsession.

CamSoda is not totally wrong, even if they are in the bad. (It does not appear that “Cousin Greg” necessarily consented to star in “Sexsession.”) Guileless Greg is one of the few Roys or Roy-adjacent who may have a love capacity; everyone on Succession is deep in self-esteem, but not that kind. And Braun has a sustained moment, or several moments, beyond Succession-he is filming Cat person (based on viral New Yorker short story) and will soon play the role of Adam Neumann in a limited series on WeWork, which he is also producing.

Braun says that “a friend” passed the statement to him, ahead of his press conference for Succession. “I think, uh… is that a compliment?” ” he said VF, sounding partly repulsed and partly as if surprised to accept this sexual Emmy. “It’s such an intimate thing to do with yourself or with another person participating or watching. So the fact that Succession and Greg may be on their minds while this is happening, it’s not something any of us expected.

Braun doesn’t know what the toy looks like (“and maybe I don’t want it?”), But we told him we were going to take a look at it. And we did.

It’s not a toy, actually; it’s a free technology that allows everyone Lovense “teledildonic” to sync with audio, much like your Sonos and iTunes, but very exciting and duly specific. In addition to crypto, the company has created vibrations triggered for the World Series and the Super Bowl.

Greg, said a spokesperson for CamSoda, is “America’s lover and has captured the hearts of many on social media. Just scroll down Twitter Sunday night and you’ll see people coveting it. We thought that would be a nice compliment to people’s infatuation with him. The company took into account the Siobhan couples as well as Roman’s “sexual perversions and inclinations”, but “ultimately landed on Greg.”

Braun himself pondered the idea of ​​”a Logan-based vibrator, stimulator… that’s a whole different thing” – BDSM? – before landing on gratitude. “Thanks to whoever invented this.”

Imagine it as a voiceover from Greg: The egg is … laid? Suddenly, “Successionhead” takes on a whole new meaning.

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